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Welcome and Thank You for choosing AccuDesk as your go-to research service.


AccuDesk Support:

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Pricing Structure

AccuDesk pricing models are available on either an a la carte or retainer basis. Retainer based pricing models are also available in blocks of research service time. Costs incurred outside of AccuDesk’s standard pay services are passed through to our clients.


We Are Your On-Demand, On-Call

Research Resource

AccuDesk is pleased to be the Research Resource for your organization. Our goal is to be your research resource only when you need it; as a cost effective On-Demand and On-Call research desk.

Call AccuDesk for all of your research needs.





Your AccuDesk Team


The AccuDesk team is comprised of highly qualified and experienced research librarians, with a Master’s in Library Science and/or JD along with years of experience in legal and business related research. We excel in delivering and ensuring our clients receive the highest quality of service in a timely and efficient manner. For questions on the AccuDesk process, please email us at: accudesk@accufile.com.


How do you Access AccuDesk?


The following are simple options to help you access your world of information.


AccuDesk is available to you from 8:30am—5:30pm Monday—Friday.

Call AccuDesk: 617-728-3500

Email AccuDesk: accudesk@accufile.com

Access the intake form

  • By clicking on the AccuDesk Web Link found above, you will be directed to the AccuDesk Research Request Form.
  • Complete your request form and hit the submit button.
  • An immediate auto response email will be sent to you.
  • Within 30 minutes, an AccuDesk researcher will be in direct contact, either by phone or email to confirm your request, present an approximate time budget and delivery date.
  • Research commences once the research has been confirmed.
  • Your request results are delivered.


To learn more about AccuDesk, email us at: AccuDesk@accufile.com



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