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The AccuFile Library Assessment is an opportunity to take the pulse of your library and research support systems.  In the rapidly changing legal landscape, redefining library and information services is an ongoing and continual process.  Commitment to best practices is the key to successful management of your information resources, and in this vein, it is always important to measure successes in new ways. AccuFile can review your processes, redefine needs and demands, and identify the right people to establish the edge you need to differentiate your firm in the age of big data.


The assessment team is typically led by a Senior Librarian directing several specialists.  Supported by a project manager and the AccuFile leadership team, the Assessment is a multi-week diagnostic of the critical indicators and trends in how the Law Firm interacts with its Library resources and conducts valued, time-sensitive research on behalf of both their clients and their law firm. Throughout this process, we involve key members of your law firm, and deliver conclusions and recommendations to develop an action oriented approach to obtaining the highest quality and most efficient print and on-line resources for your organization.

A health check for your library...
the AccuFile Assessment.

The Assessment Process

Needs and Resources

Current Usage


Action Plan Design

• Establish Baseline for Library Services

• Collection Review

     - Electronic

     - Physical

• Library Staff

     - Skills Required

     - Staffing Levels

• People

• Collection (Potential conversion of your
   print to on-line resources)

• Device/Media Usage Needs of your Firm
     (Bringing the latest research/library
        technology tools to the firm)

• Library Management Software
     (AccuFile ProLib)

• Training/Communications

• Technology - Device/Media Mix

     - Quality/Consistency

     - Resource Allocation

• Usage Trends

• Research Trends

     - Requests received

     - Info Type


     - Preferred Delivery

     - Virtual/In-Person


How fit is your Library? Is it time to Assess?

Defining the right mix of people, resources and technology allows your Library and Knowledge Management functions to meet your business needs where and when it demands. Ready to get your Library in shape?

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