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Our library science best practice teams, refined knowledge management techniques and robust yet flexible research solutions convert knowledge into a contemporary information asset.

Competitive Intelligence Group


AccuFile’s Competitive Intelligence Group helps your organization by delivering critical information to inform, clarify and provide context for critical business actions:


       - Corporate Strategy

       - Legal Intelligence

       - Business Development

       - Forecasting

       - Business Expansion


Need ongoing or project based competitive intelligence?  Our tailor-made knowledge services deliver your information where and when you need it —  keeping you ready for your opponent’s next move.  


AccuDesk, AccuFile’s on-demand research service is a powerful, expeditious and cost effective research and knowledge management solution. With AccuDesk you gain access to accredited researchers and get the critical information you need without adding expensive internal resources. AccuDesk is an “as needed”, “when needed” service from the Company you’ve trusted to deliver accuracy for over 25 years.


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