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AccuFile’s Records Management services provide a roadmap for our clients’ records management programs. We recommend innovative processes to increase efficiency and reduce your costs. Our Records Management services include:



Protecting continuity and preserving your institutional knowledge.


  • Development of Records Management Policies 
    and Retention Schedules
  • Risk Mitigation recommendations to ensure Compliance   
    and “Audit Readiness”
  • Improve access to your records
  • Review of records storage vendor contracts to
    ensure optimal value
  • Decrease off-site storage costs
  • Reduction of costs/space for your office storage
  • Provision of ongoing or project-based staffing
  • Development of an overall strategic path to maximize
    efficiency and increase cost savings


Make the Right Choice.


Improve access to your valuable documents, reduce your costs and increase overall efficiency with AccuFile’s Records Management Solutions.




Records Management

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