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Get up to date with RightSource –

AccuFile’s Library Management Solution


Our RightSource Library Management Solution is a tailored, flexible approach to Library and Knowledge Management. We help companies embrace new opportunities in technology that take the power of Libraries to the next level while keeping costs on the level. We identify efficiency opportunities, and apply library management techniques to fine-tune your firm’s collection to match your needs.



Why RightSource?

• Talented, Informed and Experienced Library Management Professionals

• On-Site and On-Demand Research Support

• Technology Enabled Collection Management

• Tailored, Scalable and Flexible Model



Make the Right Choice.


AccuFile is a market leader in next generation library management. By integrating smart new approaches to library management and research support we create flexibility and access delivered how, what, which and when your business needs accurate answers.



Library Improvement Goals:


• Contain Costs

• Expand Capacity

• Improve Ease of Use

• Increase Flexibility

• Improve Capabilities

• Capture Industry Best Practices

• Optimize Accessibility

• Grow Your Library ROI



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